Verify your identity with SİMA KYC

SİMA KYC (Know Your Customer), integrated into the SİMA digital solutions platform, enables government agencies and private enterprises to authenticate individuals. SİMA KYC employs biometric identification through facial features and a PIN code to validate a user’s identity.

Individuals can verify their identity using SİMA KYC’s biometric technology for authentication. The user initiates the process by entering the PIN code from their ID card into the provided window. Subsequently, the user undergoes a biometric test through SİMA KYC to confirm their identity. Verified accounts are exclusively accessible by their rightful owners, enhancing security and safeguarding against cyber threats.

In the near future, the process will extend to include TIN (Tax Identification Number).

It is important to highlight that SİMA KYC serves as a digital intermediary connecting institutions and users. This facilitates access for service purchasers to pertinent customer information. This versatile solution can be applied across various processes essential for validating the identity of individuals.