Oracle and Azin Telecom Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Oracle and Azin Telecom Executive Team

“AzInTelecom” will introduce the SİMA Digital Solutions Platform to the African market.

A cooperation agreement has been signed between AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and “Oracle Technology Systems” (Pty) of the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

Lance Heynes and Elkhan Azizov Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement

The contract was signed by Lance Heynes, the managing director of  “Oracle Technology Systems”, and Elxan Azizov, the head of “AzInTelecom”. According to the agreement, “Oracle Technology Systems” will become the exclusive distributor of “AzInTelecom” in Africa.

It should be noted that “AzInTelecom” LLC is a reliable partner providing digital, cloud, telecommunications solutions, information security services, and other similar services. Holding the largest Data Center in the South Caucasus region, “AzInTelecom” is the first institution in Azerbaijan and the region to possess the “TIER III” international compliance certificate.

Oracle and Azin Telecom Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement