New biometric signing functionality with SİMA İmza

The introduction of SİMA İmza’s biometric signature feature serves as a safeguard against unauthorized document signing by ensuring that only the rightful owner can execute the signature. This entails a two-step process involving the entry of a PIN code on the mobile phone screen followed by biometric identification, utilizing SİMA İmza’s specialized artificial intelligence and biometric technology to verify the signer’s identity.

Validation of the individual’s biometric identity and liveness, primarily through facial features, is a key aspect of this security measure. Successful identification enables the swift completion of the signing process, taking just a few seconds. The primary purpose of this innovation is to curb the misuse of electronic signatures, a concern notably observed in investigations related to financial crimes, where forgery in critical document signatures has been prevalent.

This precautionary measure is not limited to financial contexts; similar risks may emerge in other domains such as government services, banking, insurance, and electronic customs. To avert such scenarios, it is strongly recommended that both public institutions and private enterprises adopt SİMA İmza’s biometric solution. Collaborators integrating with SİMA İmza can eliminate the aforementioned risks by securing approval through facial signature verification.

The implementation of SİMA İmza’s log-in and signing service on portals is expected to significantly reduce the occurrence of such negative cases. The advantages offered by SİMA İmza extend to both citizens and service providers. This next-generation digital signature not only cuts financial costs and prevents time loss but also boasts seamless integration into any system, facilitating quick and limitless signing capabilities.

Acquiring a digital signature is a simple process involving the download of the SİMA İmza mobile application and a one-time registration. By enhancing accessibility to digital services, SİMA İmza is poised to expedite business processes across the country.