Digital banking with SİMA İmza

SİMA İmza, a cutting-edge cloud-based digital signature, is actively contributing to the rapid digital transformation of financial institutions.

Banks, recognized as key players in the financial sector, are expanding the range of services digitized through SİMA İmza. The digital signature is readily available to citizens, being entirely free and easily obtained within just one minute through mobile application registration, eliminating the need to visit any physical location. A mere ID card is sufficient for obtaining the signature, thereby alleviating the burden on both citizens and banks, and laying the groundwork for significant time and cost savings.

Six banks have successfully integrated SİMA İmza into their systems, enabling them to digitize services more efficiently without necessitating additional resources. This integration opens up new possibilities and enhances the accessibility of existing opportunities within the banking system. Analysis conducted in banks utilizing SİMA İmza reveals a threefold reduction in the lending period and a twofold decrease in customer losses attributed to the use of digital signatures. By embracing SİMA İmza for service digitization, banks can enhance customer satisfaction, offer more flexible services to citizens, and boost their revenues.

A notable benefit offered by SİMA İmza during financial transactions is the reliability of the signature. As SİMA İmza holds legal equivalence to a handwritten signature and employs self-recognition technology, it is virtually impossible for one person to sign with another person’s SİMA İmza.

SİMA İmza brings numerous advantages to both citizens and service providers. With its new-generation digital signature, it effectively reduces financial costs and prevents time loss. Moreover, SİMA İmza’s seamless integration into any system, coupled with its automation capabilities, empowers users to sign quickly and in any desired quantity.

Obtaining a digital signature is a straightforward process for citizens, involving the download of the SİMA İmza mobile application and a one-time registration. This user-friendly approach enhances accessibility, further contributing to the success of SİMA İmza in the realm of digital signatures.