Oracle and Azin Telecom Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Oracle and Azin Telecom Executive Team

“AzInTelecom” will introduce the SİMA Digital Solutions Platform to the African market. A cooperation agreement has been signed between AzInTelecom LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and “Oracle Technology Systems” (Pty) of the Republic of South Africa (RSA). The contract was signed by Lance Heynes, the […]

Digital banking with SİMA İmza

digital banking with sima imza

SİMA İmza, a cutting-edge cloud-based digital signature, is actively contributing to the rapid digital transformation of financial institutions. Banks, recognized as key players in the financial sector, are expanding the range of services digitized through SİMA İmza. The digital signature is readily available to citizens, being entirely free and easily obtained within just one minute […]

Verify your identity with SİMA KYC

verify your identity with sima kyc

SİMA KYC (Know Your Customer), integrated into the SİMA digital solutions platform, enables government agencies and private enterprises to authenticate individuals. SİMA KYC employs biometric identification through facial features and a PIN code to validate a user’s identity. Individuals can verify their identity using SİMA KYC’s biometric technology for authentication. The user initiates the process […]

New biometric signing functionality with SİMA İmza

new biometric signing functionality with sima imza

The introduction of SİMA İmza’s biometric signature feature serves as a safeguard against unauthorized document signing by ensuring that only the rightful owner can execute the signature. This entails a two-step process involving the entry of a PIN code on the mobile phone screen followed by biometric identification, utilizing SİMA İmza’s specialized artificial intelligence and […]